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* A. Crew Stability Scheduling Agreement

* B. Scheduling Guidelines

* C. Notes on Clarification

* D. Call-In Procedure

* E. Vacation Scheduling

* F. Compressed Work Week Agreement

* G. Line of Progression - Spare Fourth Hand

* H. Paper Mill Crew Moves

* I.  Paper Mill Posting

* J.  Paper Mill Shift Schedule

* K. Early Start-Up - Call In

* L. Three Man Crewing



A.        Paper Mill Crew Stability Scheduling Agreement

            1998 Negotiations / Departmental Agreement


            The objective of the Machine Room is to:


            1.        Manufacture the full range of base stock needed to meet the requirements of the WMD
Converting operations,

                       as well as the requirements of our Parent Roll Sales customers.


            2.        Accomplish this in a way that provides for:


                       a)        secure jobs for our employees,

                       b)       a safer working environment,

                       c)        improved department cost effectiveness as measured by such parameters as:

                                 i)   operating efficiency,

                                 ii)  waste and reject levels,

                                 iii)  downtime,

                                 iv)  cost per tonne,

                       d)       improved employee morale, and

                       e)       maintain our competitive position with respect to other mills within and outside of Scott Paper Ltd.


            We believe that the attached policy is an important first step towards achievement of the above goals by improving crew stability through the minimization of lateral moves.  This will enable crew members to concentrate their expertise on one machine rather than four.


            This policy will be re-evaluated, particularly with respect to the option of moving up two positions on each machine.


            A committee will be formed consisting of a maximum of three Union and three Staff representatives to deal with issues as they come up and to provide answers for scheduling, training etc.



B.        Paper Mill Scheduling Guidelines


            1.      Absences for any reason up to seven complete tours.

                     a)         Move-ups will take place on the machine.  Individuals will be trained to enable them to perform their posted jobs and their move-up positions.

                     b)         If there is no qualified person to move up on the machine, the vacant position will be filled by the next senior person from a machine not already involved in a move-up.  A move-up on the machine that “the next senior person” came from would then be made.  (The objective here is to minimize moves.)

                     c)         Overtime:  In any case where it is necessary to bring in a person on overtime, people will be called in to fill the original vacant position – see the attached Call-In Procedure.

                     d)         In the case of reduced crewing requirements on PM#4, PM#3 or PM#2, the posted fourth hand affected will bump the next posted fourth hand and assume his responsibilities.

                                 Movements will be done in this order.

                                 i)          Move ups – do the holiday moves, time off’s for floaters, etc.

                                 ii)         Fourth Hand seniority move; move the posted Fourth Hands up into the available Fourth Hand positions by seniority.

                                 iii)         Bump back – schedule the bump backs as per the above agreement.

                                 After the start of a shift, any vacancies will be filled using the least amount of moves necessary.

                     e)         Vacation allotments for the department will not be compromised as a result of an hourly employee providing relief for a staff position.  (See Paper Mill Vacation Guidelines).

                     f)          Leadhand relief will continue to be provided from the crews and the move-up vacancy will be filled according to 1(a) and 1(b) above.

                     g)         Under routine scheduling conditions a Senior Operator should not be working in a lower position on the same paper machine as a more junior operator.  Exceptions to this would be for overtime call-ins.  In the event that a more senior person is scheduled in a more junior position on the same paper machine, the operators will trade positions and will be paid according to the positions that are worked (no extra cost to the Company).

                     h)         If a temporary posting becomes available, the person who takes the posting will enter a 90-day evaluation period.  At the end of this period the employee will commit to the duration of the posting unless any permanent posting becomes available.  When the posting ends, the person returns to the position in which his Department seniority places him/her, taking into account any permanent posting refusals.

            2.      Absences for any reason equal to or more than seven complete tours.

                     a)         Permanent move-up to be made on a seniority basis across the shifts.

                     b)         When a person moves from one shift to another over the following 8-week period, the total hours worked will normally be the same on both shifts (cycle repeats in 8 weeks).  In one case, the person may get more hours “earlier in the cycle”; in the other case, the person may get more hours “later in the cycle,” but the total hours worked in both cases is the same.

            3.      Shutdowns.

                     a)         Breakdown from one to two days, the crew is laid off.

                     b)         Scheduled shutdowns, or after 48 hours on breakdowns:

                                 i)         crews on the machine will be employed on clean-up, training, or other meaningful work,
and / or

                                 ii)        they will immediately be reassigned to other machines on a seniority based move-down, following necessary training.

                     c)         It is recognized that the crew on NW2 machine is normally laid off for “environmental non-compliance” issues, even though NW2 machine was not responsible for the non-compliance, as NW2 has the greatest impact on the effluent system. 

                     d)         Should NW2 be shutdown, as in 3(c) above, the crew will have the option of:

                                 i)         Remainder of the current shift – take lay-off or be employed in meaningful work.

                                 ii)        For the following 12-hour shift – same as 3(d)(i) above.

                                 iii)       After 3(d)(ii), the procedure will follow the “Shutdown” guideline in 3(a) and 3(b) above.


C.     Notes on Clarification

         1.      The intent is to move up on the machine as soon as it is apparent that the person will be off more than seven complete tours.  It is not the intent to wait seven completed tours and then do the move.

                  Every effort will be made to train employees in a timely manner to fulfill their move up position.

         2.      The intent of the shutdown scheduling comments are that the people involved on that machine will be no worse, or no better off, than under the current agreement (with respect to hours and pay). 

         3.      Crew moves will normally be made with people moving from one shift to another without adjusting any hours.

                  If a person has multiple moves within an 8-week period and can show where they are truly short of total hours, consideration may be given to an additional shift if requested, and if conditions permit.  Any such time, if provided, would be at no additional cost to the Company and would be subject to availability of openings in the schedule, etc.  This does not guarantee that time will be provided; only that it will be given consideration under these circumstances.

         4.      Annual Crew Movement and Conflict Resolution

                  a)      Annual Crew Movement - Machine Room Only

                           -     Movement will be made following a format set out in advance.  This will be determined by the department committee.

                           -     Where sufficient movement has already occurred, as determined by the committee, moves could be cancelled.

                           -     Where both parties mutually agree that a move is not desirable, one or both of the moves could be cancelled.

                  b)      Conflict Resolution

                           Unresolved crew member conflicts will be reviewed by the department representative and the department management to determine what alternatives are available to resolve the conflict.  Where appropriate, and at the discretion of management, crew moves will be made to resolve the conflicts.

The intent is to achieve a satisfactory solution to the problem for all parties if possible.

         5.      Safety

                  Safety performance of the Machine Room will be closely monitored to determine the positive and negative impacts of the Crew Stability Agreement. 

D.          Call-In Procedure

         When no Spareboard employee is available at straight time and a person has to be called in on days off, people will be called in by this order of seniority.

         Note:  The call-in starts at the position that created the overtime situation – i.e. if after having tried filling the vacant position by moving the crew up on shift but ending up with personnel not trained for a particular position, then return the original vacant position in order to start the call-in procedure.

-        Cut-off Times for Overtime Call-ins

         1)      Call-ins for night shift:  Overtime for night shift will be confirmed by 12:00 noon the current day.

         2)      Call-ins for day shift:  Overtime for day shift will be confirmed by 10:00 pm the previous night.

         3)      The Company will endeavor not to call employees between the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am.

-        Paper Mill employees who have been absent for sickness, injury, etc. (not referring to long term illness) must call in no later than 2:00 pm the day of their next night shift or the day before their next day shift.  Failure to call in will result in the employee being removed from the schedule for their next shift.  If the employee shows up for the shift without calling in, they will be sent home.


              a)        Paper Mill


              Position to be Filled                 Senior Person to be Called

              4MT                                       4MT, 4BT, 3MT…

              4BT                                        4BT, 4MT, 4TH (Sr.), 3MT, 2MT…

              3MT                                       3MT, 3BT, 2MT, 1MT…

              2MT                                       2MT, 2BT, 3MT, 1MT…

              1MT                                       1MT, 1BT, 3MT, 2MT, 3BT…

              3BT                                        3BT, 3MT, 3TH, 2BT, 4TH (Sr. / Jr.), 1BT…

              2BT                                        2BT, 2MT, 2TH, 3BT, 4TH (Sr. / Jr.), 1BT…

              4TH (Sr.)                                4TH, 4TH (Jr.), 4FH, 1BT, 3TH, 2TH…

              4TH (Jr.)                                4TH (Jr.), 4TH (Sr.), 4FH, 1BT, 3TH…

              1BT                                        1BT, 1MT, 1TH, 3BT, 2BT, 4TH (Sr.)…

              3TH                                        3TH, 3BT, 3FH, 4TH (Sr.), 4TH (Jr.)…

              2TH                                        2TH, 2BT, 2FH, 4TH (Sr.), 4 TH (Jr.)…

              1TH                                        1TH, 1BT, 1FH, 4TH (Sr.), 4TH (Jr.)…

              4FH                                        4FH, 4TH (Jr.), 3FH, 2FH, 1FH…

              3FH                                        3FH, 3TH, 4FH, 2FH, 1FH…

              2FH                                        2FH, 2TH, 4FH, 3FH, 1FH…

              1FH                                        1FH, 1TH, 4FH, 3FH, 2FH…

 b)       Beater Room


              Position to be Filled                 Senior Person to be Called

              Lead Beaterman (LBM)               LBM, 1BM, 3BM, BH…

              #1 Beaterman (1BM)                  1BM, LBM, 3BM, BH…

              #3 Beaterman (3BM)                  3BM, LBM, 1BM, BH, PAV…

              Beater Helper (BH)                     BH, LBM, 1BM, 3BH, PAV…

              PAV Helper (PH)                         PAV (Day or Night), LBM, 1BM, 3BM, BH…

         It is understood that in all of the above cases (A and B) that a senior person may be working in a junior position at the rate applicable to that job.



E.         Vacation Scheduling


             1.    a)       Vacations for Paper Mill Crews


                    A maximum of 20 employees from the Paper Machine and Beater Room crews will be permitted to take vacations at any one time during the year, consisting of:


                              i)    up to a maximum of four men off the machines / crew

                              ii)   one man per beater crew


                    All regular posted employees will be given preference.  Paper Mill spares will only be permitted to take vacations during the prime vacation time if the maximum of 20 regular department members are not scheduled.  Paper Mill spares will be allotted vacations during this time on a departmental seniority basis.


                    Normally no more than one crew member will be allowed vacation at any given time on one machine.


                    Prime Time

                    Only one person will be permitted off per machine, per crew.  A second person may be permitted off a machine only under the following conditions:

                              i)    the request is submitted ten days in advance of the vacation, and

                              ii)   there are only three people confirmed off on the machines.


                    After this request has been approved, no other vacations will be accepted.

                    * See example.


                    Prime Time Vacation – Second Person Example


                                                  NW1                     NW2                     NW3                     NW4

                    M/T                           X

                    B/T                                                         X                                                       X

                    3/H                                                                                                                 X



                    The following “X” persons had requested vacation for July 15th.


                    After April 1st, NW1 M/T, NW2 B/T, and NW4 B/T were confirmed.


                    The NW4 3H will not be confirmed until July 5th (ten days prior to the vacation).  Should any posted crew member on NW3 request vacation prior to July 5th, they will be confirmed for the July 15th vacation and the NW4 3H will not receive the requested vacation.


                    Prime Time will be the period from June 15 to September 15.  Employees will be permitted to take a maximum of two weeks of vacation during this period.  (More than two weeks may be permitted if coverage is available and the time does not interfere with any other employee's regular vacation during this period.)  Once holidays are confirmed, they cannot be cancelled for other than emergency reasons.


             b)    Adequate Coverage


                    It is understood that there will be time throughout the year where the maximum number of men cannot be allowed off.  Permitting four crew members off on vacation is subject to adequate coverage, with sufficient backup remaining on the machines.  This will normally be dependent on the number of people off for other reasons.  Vacations will not be confirmed unless suitable coverage is available and some may not be confirmed until close to the time requested.


                    If at anytime, in the judgment of management, sufficient strength is not available for satisfactory operation, time off will not be granted.  This is consistent with Article XV, Section 4(f) of the Contract.


             c)    Regular Vacations to Receive Priority


                    Whenever possible, without breaching any existing guidelines, regular vacation will be given precedence.


                    Consistent with this, any requests for banked time, or other time off will not be confirmed until one week before at the earliest to allow regular vacations to take precedence before this.  Supplementary vacation will be granted if regular vacations are not affected.  Normally, holiday requests must be submitted in writing ten (10) days prior to start of vacation.


        2.       Regular Posted Employees


                  Vacation requests submitted prior to April 1 will be confirmed on a seniority preference basis.  On and after April 1 vacation time will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


                  Standing Committee Meeting Minutes

                  November 12, 1987                      


                  Vacation Scheduling - Prime Time


                  Randy stated that senior employees in the mill are requesting more than two weeks of vacation during prime time (June 15 - September 15).  This results in a problem for employees with less seniority because they do not know which weeks are available.


                  It was suggested that the senior employee declares and is limited to two weeks of prime time vacation prior to the confirmation date.


                  This would enable junior employees to schedule prime time vacation.  After the confirmation of prime time vacation, if weeks are available, they would be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


        3.       Vacation Schedule for All Departments


                  Because of the reluctance of some employees to schedule their entire vacation entitlement, a large number of vacations are put off until just prior to the deadline date resulting in a surge of last minute vacation requests for the latter part of April.  This practice often presents problems in machine scheduling and sometimes results in untimely production curtailments.


                  To avoid this problem, the Company informed the Local that they intend to handle vacations as follows:


                  a)     A vacation list will be posted by each department head at the beginning of each vacation year and will remain posted until June 1.  Requests for vacations up to April 30 of the following year can be made at that time.  On and after April 1, the Supervisor will confirm the vacation dates on a seniority preference basis.  Requests made from April 1 to November 15 inclusive for vacation times will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis.


                  b)    A second vacation list will be posted by each department on November 15 of each year showing which employees have not scheduled their full annual vacation entitlement.  These employees will be asked to request the time they wish to take as vacation up to April 30.  On or after December 15 the Supervisor will confirm the vacation dates on a seniority preference basis and will allot vacations to those employees who have not requested specific times.  Requests made and confirmed under (a) above override requests made under (b).


                  This policy does not change the meaning of Article XV, Section 4(f), which states:


                          "The allotment of vacation time is to be decided by Management."




        1.     A person will not be required to provide vacation coverage on another machine if this prevents him taking his scheduled vacation, even though his request is submitted later than that of the person on the other machine.


        2.     Relief coverage must be available on the machine crew of the person requesting vacation.


        3.     Prime time is defined as the period from June 15 to September 15.


F.     Compressed Work Week Agreement

        Items Different From Master Relating to Paper Mill Operation


        1.       This 12-hour shift agreement may be cancelled by either party with thirty (30) days' written notice.  It may be cancelled within seven (7) days if mutually agreed to by the Union and the Company.


        2.       Replacements must be available for relief purposes when required.  Job vacancies will normally be filled using spares from the Paper Mill spareboard, the Main Mill spareboard, or by following the standard procedure when there is a shortage of spareboard employees However, when spares are not available, or they lack the skills required to satisfy the job vacancy, coverage will be by employees on their scheduled days off as per the mill call-in lists.


        3.       Overtime will not be paid if incurred as a result of implementing or discontinuing the twelve (12) hour shift schedule.  Overtime will be paid for work in excess of forty-four (44) hours in any calendar week.  This will apply to employees partly or totally involved in the twelve (12) hour schedule.


        4.       Overtime at the rate of time and one-half will be paid for all work in excess of twelve (12) hours in any one day except:


                      When such work in excess of twelve (12) hours is caused by

                      the change of shift start time.


         5.      All Paper Mill employees following a regular tour (including spares following a tour) must take vacation on a tour basis.  All other employees must take vacation on a weekly basis.


         6.      If an employee is unable to cope with the 12-hour shift schedule for medical reasons, his case will be reviewed with the Paper Mill Superintendent, the Department Representative, and the Medical Department to analyze the situation and recommend a course of action.


                 It is understood that the employee concerned will cooperate with the review and any subsequent recommendations.


         7.      For Paper Mill employees on days off who are called in to install paper machine clothing, payment for the first eight hours worked will be at time and one-half.  The employee will have the option of receiving the overtime premium or of receiving straight time for hours in excess of eight (8) consecutive hours and taking equivalent time off under the rules of Exhibit F (j) of the Collective Agreement.


         8.      For employees on days off who are called in for relief purposes, payment will be in like manner to Section (7) above.


G.     Line of Progression - Spare Fourth Hand

         Standing Committee Meeting - May 15, 1967 – Revised March 17, 2000


         Paper Mill spares will be trained on the paper machines and in the Beater Room.  Spares will have their choice of which line of progression to follow -- Paper Mill or Beater Room.


H.     Paper Mill Crew Moves

         Standing Committee Meetings

         February 8, 1977, May 15, 1985, and November 5, 1971


         Relief Where Frozen Employees are in a Line of Progression:


         The terms set out in B(1) and B(2), Paper Mill Scheduling Guidelines, may be altered where a frozen employee is in the line of progression.  When this occurs, the Company and the Local will discuss each situation individually.


I.      Paper Mill Posting

        Memorandum of Agreement - 1986


        Entry to the Paper Mill will be through the mill-wide posting for Paper Mill Spare.  There will be a ninety-working-day probationary period.


        When a permanent opening occurs in either the beater room or the paper machine line of progression, that opening will be posted within the department.  If the successful candidate has not been trained to that position (beater room or paper mill), or has no experience, then a further ninety-day probationary period will commence.


J.     Paper Mill Shift Schedule

        Standing Committee Meeting - May 31, 1989 – Revised March 17, 2000


       The Paper Mill schedule is as follows:


        Day Shift               Start 6:30 a.m.                    Stop 6:30 p.m.

        Night Shift             Start 6:30 p.m.                   Stop 6:30 a.m.


       -   Early start-ups will be at 3:00 a.m.


        This schedule may be cancelled by either party with thirty (30) days' notice, or if mutually agreed, seven (7) days' written notice.


K.     Early Start-Up - Call In

         Standing Committee Meeting - December 3, 1993


         1.      The crew that would have been working that night, had the machine been running, will be called first.  We will try to fill all spots from this crew.


         2.      If the required people cannot be confirmed from that crew, the same guidelines that would have been used to fill a spot had the machine been running would apply;  i.e., call in for the spot that created the problem.


          For the above ruling, the following will apply:


         1.      If someone is off for more than 7 tours and is scheduled to return around the time of early start-up, it is their (the individual's) responsibility to provide an accurate date of return, other wise they will be considered as still absent.


         2.      If an employee takes regular vacation that includes a stat, they will be considered to be on vacation and not eligible for early start-up.


         3.      If an employee was scheduled to work early start-up but calls in sick, the following guidelines will be followed:


                  a)      move up on the machine (i.e., if machine tender away, move back tender up);


                  b)      fill the position from within the crew that would have normally been working if the machine had been running; and


                  c)      follow the same guidelines that would normally be used for overtime if, in fact, the machine had been running.


                  For those employees that would have been working if the machine had been running on that day, it is your responsibility to cancel any/all time that you may have requested for that day to be eligible for early start-up.


L.         Three Man Crewing

            Department Agreement – March 17, 2000


            If the posted 4th hand position is eliminated due to a reduced crew on one or more machines it will initiate a seniority move down of 4th Hands.  In this process the holiday move ups of the posted 4th hands will take precedence (as per the Crew Stability Agreement).   Any posted 4th hand who is bumped off the schedule by a seniority move down initiated by the requirement of a three man crew on one of the machines will be used as a Papermill spare.  They will be eligible to make up their lost shifts two days prior to or two days following their regular tour at straight time.  Make-up shifts will be limited to the actual amount of hours lost.