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Co-Ordination of Benefits

For employees and their spouse and/or partner, who each have Dental and/or Extended Health coverage, offered through
their employers may be entitled up to 100% coverage. (Even those who both have the same carrier or work for the same employer).
Limits for this are outlined in our collective agreement or carrier contract.

To initiate a claim:

Be sure and make (2) duplicate copies of all receipts and claim forms.

Both of you should first have each other and all children signed up through your employer as dependants.
Each of you should submit all of your own items to your own plans.
The parent whose birthday comes first in the calendar year must submit children's items.
All original receipts must go along with the initial claim for benefits.
Upon re-payment from your carrier, send copies of your partners receipts, claim forms and a copy of
the re-payment statement back to your carrier for additional eligible benefits.
Always keep copies for your records.

Extended Health claim forms are available at Human Resources.
Any questions around this procedure or other Health & Welfare issues please contact Troy Merrifield

Health Insurance Coverage when Outside Canada

Travel Assistance contact Information

Doctors Form Fees

At our last set of negotiations it was agreed upon that Doctors fees for the signing of forms,
will be paid up to the amount of $30.00 by our employer Kruger.

To claim the form fee please submit the fee receipt to  the Human Resources Department and the claim will
be forwarded to Payroll and should appear on the employees pay stub following its submission.