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* A.  Overtime Policy

* B.  Division E Checker

* C.  Division E Case Loader

* D.  Temporary 4-Shift Scheduling

* E.  Shift Continuity for Shipping Spares.

* F.  Make-up Shifts

A.     Shipping Overtime Policy

         Standing Committee Meeting – July 28, 2004


         There will be (2) rotating groups within the Shipping Department for overtime.


         Group 1:           Will include all regular-posted employees who hold a position in the line of progression (Lead Hand, Senior Checker, Checkers, Unitizer/Floor Drivers).


         Group 2:           Will include all posted spare/relief employees.


         All posted spare/relief will be utilized first before any overtime is allocated, unless the employee is not properly trained for the job required.


         No employee will be assigned to a position or job that he/she is not properly trained and/or refresher trained on.


         Employees cannot accumulate turns.  When an employee cannot be contacted or is on a conflicting shift, the employee will be asked for the next available overtime shift.  The employee will not lose his/her turn until the next rotational cycle comes back to them.


         Employees will be allowed (1) refusal without penalty of losing his/her turn.


         Where the line of progression is in effect, (eg: 01 Warehouse – Unitizer/Floor Driver to Checker), Group 2 will have first invitation to fill the Unitizer/Floor Driver position for overtime, to give the regular scheduled Unitizer/Floor Driver the opportunity to move up to the higher rated position.


         All other overtime that is required, Group 1 will have the first invitation.  Group 2 will be eligible for the overtime if Group 1 is not available.


         If multiple shifts are required and known in advance, the employee with the first invitation will have the choice between the overtime shifts.


         Overtime for (8) or (12) hour shifts will be treated equally as one turn on the rotational schedule.


         The accumulated 2-day Paper Purchase overtime hours will only count as (1) turn on the rotation.


         Inventory overtime hours will count towards the rotational list, and will be filled through the existing practices.


         There will be no trading of overtime shifts.


         There will be no graveyard to dayshift doubles.  The only exception will be when all other options have been exhausted.




         Overflow/Short-term Overtime


         Overflow will be limited to (2) hours maximum per employee required from the previous shift, with the exception of the Lead Hand.  The Lead Hand will not be governed by the (2) hour maximum, and will have the 1st invitation to all lead Hand overflow only.  Job class and seniority will be the governing factor when requesting overflow overtime, except in emergency cases where it is not practical for the senior person to be utilized.  (Eg:  Customer rush orders etc., - the Shipping Supervisor will be available to answer questions in these cases).


         If directed by the Shipping Supervisor and able to, the afternoon shift will stay to complete work.  Anything (4) hours or more will be considered a full shift and count as a turn on the rotational schedule.



         This policy will have a (1) year trial period commencing June 18, 2004.


         If issues arise regarding policy language during the trial period, the Shipping Department Supervisor and the Union Department Representative will review the issue or issues.


         At the end of the trial this policy will then be presented to the Joint Standing Committee for ratification.


         If either the Company or the Union finds this agreement unworkable and for good reason, they may cancel this policy with (90) days written notice.



B.     Division E Checker

         Standing Committee Meeting - June 26, 1996


         1.      Change job title from “Division E Loader” to “Division E Checker”.


         2.      “Division E Checker” to be acknowledged and documented as a Shipping job.


         3.      L. Byers to stay as Division E Checker until such time as he voluntarily gives up the posting.  After such time, his replacement will come from the Shipping Department.


         4.      All relief, i.e. holidays, SPFH’s, banked time, illness, etc., will come from Shipping.


         5.      Additional shifting will be filled through Shipping and shifts fairly rotated with and including L. Byers.


         6.      Overtime:


                  a)      The Division E Checker on shift will be asked first for any overflow work to a maximum of two hours.  If this person declines or is unavailable, a Shipping employee will be asked on the basis of seniority.


                  b)      All other overtime will be assigned to the Shipping Group I Rotating Policy.


                  c)      L. Byers will be added to the Group I rotation for the time he holds the Division E Checker job.  He will work only in Division E and if, upon his turn, no Division E work is available, he will be filled in at the first available date to bring him to par with the rest of Group 1.




C.     Division “E” Case Loader - Memo



         February 20, 1996


         TO:                    JIM HOCKLEY        C.E.P., LOCAL 456

                                    AL MARSH               C.E.P., LOCAL 456


         FROM:              Jim Nybo




         The Company has reviewed the job responsibilities of the Division E Case Loader and has met with members of the Union executive and Department representatives in an attempt to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.  This was not achieved.  While this position has responsibilities which are of both a Materials Handling and Shipping nature, the Company has decided that the Division E Case Loader position will be assigned to the Shipping Department.  The current Division E Case Loader will not be displaced and will remain a Materials Handling employee.  Relief for this position will come from the Shipping Department.  The Division E Case Loader will handle cases for shipment to Mission, 01 warehouse, outside storage, and direct to customers, as well as providing relief for Division E drivers.  Division E drivers will load cases as required, including direct to customer shipments.


         The Company determines the assignment of work based on factors which may change over time.  It must be clearly understood that each position will be evaluated on an individual basis and with input from Union representatives.



D.     Shipping Department Temporary 4-Shift Schedule

         Departmental Agreement - March 26, 1997______  




         Temporary 4-Shift Scheduling


         If 4 shifting is required within a specific group, employees will be asked based on seniority.


         If your group does not contain enough employees to fulfill the 4 shift requirement, those employees will be assigned to the 4 shifts and employees from the next lower group will be assigned to fill the 4 shift requirement.


         For example:


         If the temporary 4 shift requirement is for the Floor Driving Group, the 3 Floor Drivers and the Senior Trackman will be assigned to the 4 shift schedule.



         Note:  Trading is allowed (with the consent of the supervisor) for the full 8 week cycle or the full term of the temporary 4 shift schedule.  Please remember that with trading of shifts or jobs for a term, comes the trading of seniority for the term.  This seniority trade only applies to day to day job alignment, not holidays, floaters, etc.


         The Company or Union may terminate this agreement with 7 days written notice.



E.      Shift Continuity for Shipping Spares

         Standing Committee Meeting – July 28, 2004



         All complete weeks of relief will be filled based on seniority and training, irregardless of the rate of pay and/or location of work.


         If multiple full shifts are available in the workweek, rates of pay and seniority will dictate placement.


         For example:  If there is a full week of graveyard available at 02 and full (12) hour tour (Sunday – Wednesday) at 01, the Senior Spare will be scheduled for the full tour at 01.


         All other Spares will fill the rest of the weekly shift vacancies, with every effort for shift continuity.


         Below is an example of sporadic vacancies throughout the workweek and how they could be filled by this policy.


         1st Senior Spare –    would work the 4 continuous Graveyard shifts (40 hours).

         2nd Spare –              could do (2) days on Unitizer and (2) days at 01 (40 hours).

         3rd Spare –               would work the (3) afternoon shifts and the Saturday (32 hours).  Supervisor could add a shift of recoop or other required duties, to make 40 hours, minimizing the shift movement.













12 hrs.


12 hrs.


01-8 hrs.

01-8 hrs.

02-8 hrs.




02-8 hrs.


02-8 hrs.

02-8 hrs.



02-8 hrs.

02-8 hrs.


12 hrs.


12 hrs.






         Either party has the right to cancel this policy with (30) days written notice.


         This agreement will have a (1) year trial from the date of implementation, June 18, 2004.



F.      Make-up Shift in the Shipping Department

         Standing Committee Meeting – July 28, 2004



         In accordance with the June 22, 1998 memo from Jim Nybo, in regards to make-up shifts, which states “make-up shifts should not take work away from another employee and as a result, must be “extra” work not normally scheduled.  The scheduling of the shift should be at a mutually agreeable time and would normally be worked within 30 days of the decision to offer the make-up shift.”


§         Recooping and Salvage

§         Warehousing

§         Clean up, eg: sweeping inside and/or outside warehouses, picking up damaged product, etc.

§         Taping unsealed cases