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* A.  Safety Meetings

* B.  WCB Appeals

* C.  Safety Captains' Authority

* D.  Graveyard / Dayshift - Overtime

A.     Safety Meetings

         Standing Committee Meeting - September 14, 1971


         Monthly crew meetings will be held in all departments with Safety being the major item on the agenda.




B.     WCB Appeals

         Standing Committee Meeting - May 7, 1981


         The employees and the Local will receive written notice when the Company intends to appeal a specific claim.




C.     Safety Captains' Authority

         Standing Committee Meeting - December 19, 1984


         It is the Union's intention to have Safety Captains participate in all Accident Investigations.  Likewise, they should also be involved in Safety Tours and Crew Meetings.




D.     Graveyard / Dayshift Overtime

         Standing Committee Meeting December 8, 2004


         At the December 8, 2004 Joint Standing Committee, it was agreed upon that any overtime worked after a graveyard shift will be limited to a maximum of four (4) hours.