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* A.  Interplant Trucking

* B.  Department Procedures

* C.  Statutory Running Days

* D.  Departmental Agreement

A.     Interplant Trucking

         Standing Committee Meeting - September 27, 1984


         {Memo written by R.M. Kitos on June 21, 1984}


         This memo is in response to a request from Local 456, CPU to put into writing a synopsis of my comments during the 1984 labour negotiations regarding inter- plant trucking.


         In response to concerns expressed by the Local, I advised the Negotiating Committee of the current situation and what we project for the future.


         In consultation with Larrie Connell, I have determined that we presently operate the 19-foot van generally on one shift, Monday to Friday, and sometimes on weekends on one shift.  Our plan is to operate two trucks to do most of the interplant movement.  The 19-foot van is slated for vital supplies and export movement on two shifts.  The oversized truck is planned to move parent rolls from P.M. 4 to the main mill, and move finished cases from #239 to shipping.  This will start on one shift, and will likely go to two shifts with the likelihood that it may have to be used on weekends, depending on activity.


         It is our intention to continue to use outside trucking for peak periods, but to make maximum use of our own trucks.


         I advised the Committee that Larrie stated that currently there are about 40 people in the department, and that could increase to 55 at maturity of P.M. 4 and #239.  It is possible that 10 to 12 people could be added to the department by year-end, depending on activity.




B.     Materials Handling Department Procedures

         Standing Committee Meeting – June 5, 1998


         1.      Scheduling of Materials handling Department employees will be the responsibility of the Scheduler.  All requests for S.P.F.H.’s banked time, vacation, etc. will be scheduled by the Scheduler.


         2.      Materials Handling Department will include those positions listed in the Collective Agreement under Export and Traffic.


         3.      Materials Handling Department employees will report to the department in which they are working.


         4.      Postings / Job Selection – Employees in Materials Handling Department will continue to be eligible for postings based on their Materials Handling Department departmental seniority, and ability to perform the work.


         5.      Export Department – Employees in Export will relieve drivers assigned to other departments.


                  When required, replacements for Export will be acquired through a mill-wide posting for Wrapper Helper.  After completion of the 90-day probationary period, the successful applicant will be trained as required for relief driving positions.


         6.      Vacations – Six Materials Handling employees will be allowed on vacation at any one time.


                  a)      April 3, 2003 Memo


                           To:               Converting Employees

                                                Materials Handling Employees

                                                Export Employees


                           From:           Donna Edstrom


                           Subject:        FIRST CONFIRMATION – VACATIONS


                           First confirmation – Materials Handling & Export can only apply for two (2) weeks during prime time, June 15th – September 15th.  Vacation lists will be posted for a two-week period commencing the beginning of April until the middle of April.


                           Second confirmation – The vacation schedules will be up for a period of no less than 8 days to allow employees who have not received two (2) weeks in prime time a chance to submit requests for any open weeks.


                            Materials Handling/Export First confirmation will be posted in my office on Friday morning..  The first week of April.


                           Employees of Materials Handling and Export who have not received two (2) weeks in prime time will have the opportunity to choose from any remaining open weeks.  The Second confirmation for Materials Handling and Export will be completed by April 30th.  On May 1st, vacations are granted on a first come/first serve basis.



         7.      Overtime – Assignment of overtime will be as follows:


                  a)      First go to the Export Department for relief at straight time.


                  b)      Incumbents will be given first opportunity for all overtime on their jobs.  All incumbents will be asked in order of their department seniority.


                  c)      If no incumbents want to work, then go to the Materials Handling seniority list and start with the senior person available for work that day / night.


                  d)      Incumbents:


                           -     Those persons posted to that job.

                           -     Any relief driver who has been scheduled or has worked full tour/week prior to the overtime.

                           -     Any driver who trades jobs for the week will have incumbency on the job they are actually performing.

                           -     In Division A, overtime for the one-prong position will be offered to one-prong drivers then two-prong drivers in order of departmental seniority.  Overtime for the two-prong position will be offered to the two-prong drivers then one-prong drivers in order of departmental seniority.


                   e)      Cut-Off Times for Overtime Call-Ins:


                           i)       Call-ins for night shift / overtime for night shift will be confirmed by 1:00 p.m. the current day.


                           ii)      Call-ins for day shift / overtime for day shift will be confirmed by 11:00 p.m. the previous night.


                  f)       Relief Drivers:


                  -        Any relief drivers who have not been scheduled or who have not worked a full week or tour on one job in the Materials Handling Department will have incumbency for Export overtime that week.


                  g)      No mill spares will be asked to work overtime unless everyone in the Materials Handling Department who can work have been asked first.


         8.      Relief Positions – When required, the Company will post for “relief” Export Leadhand with applicants selected from the Materials Handling Department.  Employees accepted for a relief position must be prepared to work in that position whenever required.  Relief for positions such as K.D. Case / Truck Driver, Export and Vital Supplies Handler will be selected from employees in the Utility, or relief driver positions.


                  Current practice of having K.D. Case/Truck Drivers and Export & Vital Supplies Driver being replaced by Utility Driver will be reviewed should incumbent (Al Starchuk) take another posting.


                  Relief of K.D. Case/Truck Driver and Export and Vital Supplies Driver by incumbent (Al Starchuk) shall be for the purpose of vacation, sick days, floaters and shall not exceed 30 days.


         9.      Relief Driver Scheduling – Export relief drivers will be scheduled by rate of pay.  The drivers with the most department seniority will receive the jobs with the highest rate of pay.  The senior drivers will be scheduled to the full weeks or tours first with the part week or day-to-day relief work being assigned to the junior employees.


         It is the Company’s intent to minimize the changing of employee’s schedule.  Once the Department’s schedule has been completed, under normal conditions, the employee’s schedule will not change, even if shifts become available during the week which are at a higher rate of pay.


         10.    Compressed Work Week Scheduling – Relief drivers will be required to work 12 hour or 8 hour shifts without penalty to the Company.


                  When a department working a three-shift schedule changes partially or completely to a compressed work week schedule, the most senior posted driver will be assigned to the 12 hour shift schedule on shift A, with the second most senior driver assigned to shift B, etc.  Any additional drivers will be assigned from the relief drivers.



         11.    Layoff / Curtailment – If there is a cutback in the Export Department, the junior employee will be assigned to the Spareboard.


                  If there is a cutback to a permanent posted job, the employee or employees affected will bump the junior-posted driver in the Materials Handling Department, if no other work is available.


                  For layoffs identified prior to scheduling, affected drivers will move into any open position on the same shift, with the posted departmental driver working if only one driver required.  If the layoff is for less than a tour, the driver may work a portion of an open tour with the remainder of the tour filled by relief drivers.


                  If the curtailment is permanent, (job elimination), the employee or employees affected will be eligible to displace the junior posted person in Materials Handling.


         12.    Crew Meetings – Materials Handling Department employees will attend crew meetings in the department to which they are assigned.  There will be a quarterly Safety Meeting for all Material Handling Department employees.


         13.    Training of drivers will be the responsibility of the Department to which employees are assigned.  The Converting Operations Leader will schedule required training and maintain training documentation.


         The Company will discuss any changes to these procedures with a Representative of the Materials Handling Department.



C.     Materials Handling Department  / Statutory Running Days

         Departmental Agreement – August 31, 1997


         The senior person normally scheduled for that job on that day will be asked first to work.  If the senior person chooses not to work then the next senior person normally scheduled will be asked.  If no one normally scheduled wants to work, a volunteer will be selected (by seniority) from a list that will be posted prior to the statutory holiday.



D.     Materials Handling Department

         Departmental Agreement, November 4, 1999



         Posted employees may request assignment to a position, which is open for 30 days or more.  These vacancies to be filled through temporary postings.  The position vacated by drivers taking such an assignment will be filled by a relief driver.


         Permanent Postings


         All drivers who have a permanent posting within the department will be eligible for any permanent posting based on their department seniority.  If no posted driver wants the new posting then that posting will be given to the most senior relief driver.  No relief driver can freeze themselves in the relief position.



         Temporary Postings


         Posted drivers may request assignment to a position, which is open for thirty (30) days or more.  These vacancies to be filled through temporary postings and will not be bumped by a senior posted driver completing another temporary assignment.  The successful applicant must take the temporary posting for the duration of the absence unless it exceeds six (6) months.  After six (6) months, driver may elect to go back to his/her own posted job.  If driver elects to go back, temporary vacancy will be filled by next senior driver from original posting.  The position vacated by the drivers taking such assignment will be filled by a relief driver.


         Any relief driver who has been assigned a position due to the permanent driver taking a temporary position, will only remain in position as their seniority permits.


         Any relief driver who has been given a temporary posting or has been assigned to a position may also apply for any future temporary postings that may come up while he/she is in that relief position.